2067 Wayzata Blvd W., Long Lake, MN, 55356 

Business Hours:
Tue.-Sat:11.00am-3.00pm(Lunch Time)
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Reviewed by: christine.a.smith on: 2020/11/12 14:00:07
A bit disappointed in soup last night Ordered both chicken vegetable And wonton and there was no flavor in the broth for either. Just a bummer, wanted to let you know
Reviewed by: grannies.details on: 2020/10/27 15:28:46
We will pick these up.
Reviewed by: kinneyjoan on: 2020/1/12 14:35:51
Want to know what vegetables are in the dishes. I want to know what I am buying online or going to pickup.
Reviewed by: info on: 2019/8/18 7:48:41
Good morning. My name is Bryan Keeler and I’m the GM of Lakeside Wine + Spirits. We have our annual Taste of Long Lake coming soon and we’d be delighted if you joined us. The description is below. The Taste of Long Lake is Saturday, October 5th from 6-9pm at Otten Brothers Nursery. It’s a 250+ Beer, Wine & Spirit Tasing with local food, live music and 100% of profits to charity. We’ve been doing the event for 10+ years and had over 400 people attend some years. Would you be interested in coming and having a food table at the event? My brother Patrick, an event planner named Nicki or myself will stop by and follow up. Thanks for your time.
Reviewed by: hansen.aphton on: 2019/1/5 13:04:19
We placed and order today o line under the name Justin w. We just went to eat and realized we never got our egg rolls. Could we get two egg rolls complimentary with our next order? Thank you
Reviewed by: anthonydornsbach on: 2018/3/31 9:26:44
Description of food is needed...
Reviewed by: amcnae on: 2016-10-11
PLEASE ADD FOOD DESCRIPTIONS PER EACH MENU ITEM. MY FAMILY HAS FOOD ALLERGIES. We are new to Long Lake and would love to try your place but have to be careful.
Reviewed by: cgraner on: 2016-06-10
I've heard good things about this restaurant. But I was trying to decide what to order for carry-out using the online menu. No descriptions! Please add descriptions, so I know what I am ordering.
Reviewed by: Mrsittgirl.1 on: 2016-02-24
Love this place! Only thing I need to say is that they could definitely put more cream cheese in the
Reviewed by: jimmyerl on: 2016-01-21
Food is very good - similar to Jade Fountain. Would like to see the food more in the excellent to outstanding range, especially at these prices (prices are on the high side). I think if the prices were reduced, customer volume would increase significantly.